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From military to automotive, PCT has produced millions of castings that have helped our customers reduce manufacturing costs ...

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Our case studies are an excellent example of the versatility of the investment castings process and the ingenuity of our engineers. PCT is an award winning member of the Investment Casting Institute. 

Precision Castings of Tennessee is an award winning investment casting foundry capable of high quality, cost-effective metalcasting solutions that are limited only by the imagination.

Investment castings offer complex internal geometries, significant weight reduction opportunities, and unlimited alloy choices for the ultimate in design flexibility.

The reduction or elimination of secondary machining allows us to easily convert multi-part assemblies into single, as-cast parts with high rates of repeatability. Thin wall capabilities, smooth surface finishes, and consistent dimensional accuracies make investment casting the simple solution to complex engineering.





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Want to learn more about reduced machining, increased design flexibility, high dimensional accuracy, close tolerances, and cost-effective production techniques?

Investment Casting Foundry featuring unlimited alloy choices, investment castings are the most versatile metal forming methods available.