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Our case studies are an excellent example of the versatility of the investment castings process and the ingenuity of our engineers. Each case study highlights the many unique design considerations that were addressed during the prototyping process.

Case Study 1: Optical Bench Casting
improved the laser range finder and target acquisitioning system on a series of military vehicles. By converting to investment casting, PCT managed to reduce machining, increase part strength, and expand alloy choice at a fraction of the cost of similar manufacturing methods. Learn more about the optical bench casting.

Case Study 2: Gear Worm Wheel

This redesigned M171 gear worm wheel won the 2008 Investment Casting Institute Military Equipment Award, and is a testament to the benefits of investment casting. PCT was able to significantly decrease the total weight of the casting without compromising dimensional stability. Learn more about the gear worm wheel.

Case Study 3: Cable-Tite Home Tie Downs

PCT worked with Cable-Tite to develop an innovative home tie down solution that featured design characteristics that were impossible to cost-effectively recreate using other metal forming methods. Cable-Tite is currently being used in homes built by the Make It Right Foundation in New Orleans. Learn more about Cable-Tite home tie downs.



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