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netshape castings

heavy machinery equipment

By eliminating weldments and mechanical fastening, Precision Castings of Tennessee cast the most structurally-sound, heavy machinery components found in bulldozers, backhoes, dump trucks, tractors, excavators, concrete mixers, and various other heavy movers.

Virtually any engineering vehicle metal part would benefit from a redesign or conversion to Netshape castings. Investment casting allows for numerous weight reduction opportunities without compromising dimensional stability or elemental resistance.

​Locomotive Castings

From bolster railway castings to bogie frames, investment casting is the economical solution for producing complex railroad components. Precision Castings of Tennessee can redesign or reverse engineer wheel castings, draw gears, railway fittings, wear plates, and brake beams for improved strength and reduced production costs.

We specialize in recreating locomotive casting spare parts ranging from 0.5 to 100kg. The investment casting



process generally eliminates complex machining and fabrication process requirements associated with railway components, resulting in stronger, more cost-effective replacement locomotive castings that can be assembled right out of the box.

We design our locomotive castings to meet all Association of American Railroads (AAR) manufacturing standards. Everything from freight car wheels ranging from 28” to 36” (50T to 125T), railway link parts, railroad carriage carbons, train linkers, flanged parts, and bridge couplers can benefit from a conversion to the investment casting process.

With unlimited alloy selection and flexible design capabilities, we can reengineer bogie side frames and railway vehicle bolsters for compatibility with various axle loads and track gauges. We can produce three-piece and self-steering side-frames and bolsters in 1000mm (meter gauge), 1,435mm (standard gauge), 1,676mm (Indian gauge), and everything in between.

From military to automotive, Precision Castings of Tennessee has produced millions of castings that have helps our customers reduce manufacturing costs, increase design flexibility, and minimize lead times.

These are just a sampling of industries that rely on PCT for high quality engineering solutions, weight reduction opportunities, and highly repeatable manufacturing.

Heavy Machinery
Secondary Operations & Alloy Selection

For even greater resistance to corrosion and abrasion, PCT offers a wide range of secondary machining services. Our heat treating, surface finishing, plating & painting, and metallurgical testing facilities provide everything the heavy machinery industry needs to increase production and equipment life.

Heavy machinery equipment can be cast in various alloys such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, and copper. Our extensive alloy grade inventory provides diverse mechanical properties, corrosion resistances, and high temperature thresholds.