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We offer a number of secondary operation services to further expand the mechanical properties of stainless steel marine hardware, including heat treating, surface finishing, plating & painting, and metallurgical testing.


Precision Castings of Tennessee

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Stainless Steel Marine castings

PCT provides stainless steel marine hardware commonly used for recreational, governmental, and commercial marine activities. Stainless steel marine hardware can be polished to a mirror finish for maximum corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Our stainless steel marine hardware is designed to meet the visual and functional expectations of high end users. From boat frames to fighting chairs, our competitively-priced marine grade stainless steel castings can meet any dimensional accuracy, tolerance, or corrosion resistance specification.

From military to automotive, Precision Castings of Tennessee has produced millions of castings that have helps our customers reduce manufacturing costs, increase design flexibility, and minimize lead times.

These are just a sampling of industries that rely on PCT for high quality engineering solutions, weight reduction opportunities, and highly repeatable manufacturing.