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Investment Casting Advantages

Want to learn more about reduced machining, increased design flexibility, high dimensional accuracy, close tolerances, and cost-effective production techniques? Visit our investment casting advantage page for a crash course in design efficiency.

Investment Casting Process

The investment casting process is actually quite fascinating. We cover every step of our process, from tool & mold design to final quality control. We've refined the investment casting process throughout our 30 year history to produce the most repeatable castings in the metal working industry.

Casting Conversion

Every metal working technique has its advantages, but investment casting encompasses almost all of those advantages into one streamlined Netshape product. Learn how PCT can convert sand castings, forgings, weldments, and powder metallurgy into superior investment castings. 

Casting Terminology

"I need this alloy Hot Isostatic Pressed and argon oxygen decarburized to achieve the desired gas porosity and inclusion!" Impress all your engineer friends with our casting terminology page.

Casting Design Guide

It's almost hard to believe the tolerances investment casting is able to achieve in an as-cast state. From linear tolerances to hole positioning, our casting design guide makes imagination come to life.

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