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Casting Quality


With over 30 years of producing high quality Netshape castings, we're proud to set the industry standard for casting quality control. In addition to internal metal quality control practices, we've adopted Investment Casting Institute (ICI) standards since our induction in 1982.

To ensure that every casting meets your specifications, our investment casting quality control engineers use the latest in testing and inspection equipment, and can quickly take corrective action when required.

In addition to our mandatory 100% visual inspection, we employ chemical spectroanalysis, physical property testing, and non-destructive testing techniques to guarantee that every casting meets your intended dimensional accuracies, design tolerances, and structural integrity requirements.

The PCT casting testing laboratory is equipped with 2 spectro metal analyzers to ensure each casting meets customer specifications. Voids, surface pitting, and contamination typical of other metalcasting methods are not tolerated at PCT.

Certified To Do Business

PCT is committed to on-going process and procedural improvement.  We operate from an AS9003A compliant Quality Control System and are regularly audited by industry leaders such as BAE Systems, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and Westinghouse Air Brake Company. 

Our industrial metal quality control processes, years of experience, and attention to detail will greatly reduce lead times, save money, and leave you with the highest quality casting available.

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