Precision Castings of Tennessee

While there are many different components in industrial textile machinery, they all have one thing in common: they require the maximum in precision and durability. Investment castings effortlessly exceed the precise tolerances of extruding machines, processing machines, wadding machines, spinning equipment, and other textile machinery.

Unlike simple sand castings, investment castings are capable of very close tolerances and high levels of dimensional accuracy in their as-cast state. 

Textile Machinery Castings

This increased precision makes mass production of complex textile machinery parts considerably more cost-effective, especially for heavily machined parts.

Investment castings also present numerous opportunities for weight reduction. Assemblies that previously required mechanical fasteners can be cast into stronger, lighter investment castings. To ensure the quality of redesigned textile machinery parts, we conduct extensive penetrant examinations, radiographic inspections, and metallurgical testing.

Textile machinery parts can be cast in various alloys such as stainless steel, aluminum, steel, bronze, brass, and copper. Our extensive alloy grade inventory provides diverse mechanical properties, corrosion resistances, and high temperature thresholds.

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